Guatemala – Aug 2023

Lake Atitlan Region, Guatemala

Join us on our next trip – August 12th – 19th, 2023

Embark on a unique journey with us as we invite you to join our upcoming humanitarian trip to Guatemala. Experience the captivating country with its blend of development and areas grappling with poverty.

This eye-opening opportunity allows you to engage directly with local communities, gaining insight into their struggles and resilience. Through our Innova program, designed to empower entrepreneurs, you’ll learn to apply Clayton Christensen’s principles from “The Prosperity Paradox” and help uplift communities.

We offer workshops to support your business growth, including partnership building with major companies, overcoming challenges, and fostering a strong company culture. This trip is not limited to adults; it can be a memorable family experience.

By participating, you’ll make a meaningful impact through both immediate humanitarian work and sustainable solutions. End your fulfilling days with excursions that showcase Guatemala’s beauty and adventurous spirit.

This extraordinary journey, led by visionary Mel Torrie and passionate team of Innova Guatemala, is an opportunity to give back while scaling your business.

Join us and be part of a transformative adventure.

Mel Torrie posing on an autonomous agricultural tractor
“Come help me give back in Guatemala and learn to grow and scale your own business along the way.” — Mel Torrie, Founder of Innova Guatemala

Innova is a division of the Wayne Julien Foundation with two main goals:

  • Helping entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses
  • Empowering people in third-world countries to lift themselves out of poverty

We accomplish both goals at once by going to Guatemala to teach and apply principles of entrepreneurship detailed in Clayton Christensen’s The Prosperity Paradox.

On this trip, you will have the opportunity to teach business principles to the citizens of Guatemala as well as receive training from a team of business experts.

Our workshops and trainings include Mel Torrie’s expertise on:

  • Building relationships with billion-dollar businesses

  • Making and distributing a product

  • Turning your business’ challenges into strengths

  • Building a company culture

Come with us to experience the beautiful country and culture of Guatemala and help us in our mission to transform both your business and the world into something better!


We’re on a quest to employ the principles from Clayton Christensen’s book, The Prosperity Paradox: How Innovation Can Lift Nations Out of Poverty in an effort to help people lift themselves out of poverty through industry creation. Our goal is to lift people out of poverty with a hand up rather than a handout.

JOIN THE TEAM Come join Mel and his team to give back in helping lift Guatemala out of poverty while also learning how to build a company worth 9 figures that you won’t want to sell.

Aug 12th – 19th 2023

Lake Atitlan Region, Guatemala


Leverage Clayton Christensen’s principles from The Prosperity Paradox towards Industry Creation.

  • All proceeds are transparently used in the pursuit of industry creation through our tax-deductible 501(c)(3) Foundation.
  • Help the citizens of Guatemala find and develop their own groundbreaking innovations.
  • Help us explore product ideas in-country to work toward the goal of helping the region lift itself out of poverty!


Learn how to build a business worth 9 figures that you won’t want to sell!

  • Learn from a team of experts about the intricacies of bootstrapping, fundraising, partnering with multi-billion dollar companies, building company culture, coming up with a product and taking it to market, project execution, best practices, scaling, and more!


Experience the mystical beauty of Guatemala’s nature and history.

  • Guatemala is the adventurer’s dream! See ancient ruins, hike up an active volcano, and more!