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Leverage Clayton Christensen’s principles from The Prosperity Paradox towards industry creation.

  • All proceeds are transparently used in the pursuit of industry creation through our tax-deductible 501(c)(3) Foundation.

  • Help the citizens of Guatemala find and develop their own groundbreaking innovations.

  • Explore product ideas with us in-country to work toward the goal of helping the region lift itself out of poverty!


Learn how to build a business worth 9 figures that you won’t want to sell!

  • Learn from a team of experts about the intricacies of bootstrapping, fundraising, partnering with multi-billion dollar companies, building company culture, coming up with a product and taking it to market, project execution, best practices, scaling, and more!


Experience the mystical beauty of Guatemala’s nature, history and culture.

  • Guatemala is the adventurer’s dream! See ancient ruins, hike up an active volcano, and more!

Join The Team

Come join Mel and his team to give back by helping lift Guatemala out of poverty while also learning how to build a company worth 9 figures that you won’t want to sell!